At Coast Sport we are passionate about helping athletes perform at their best, which is why we have a wide range of services for netball players to help you feel well, move well and perform well.

How do we help you?

Extensive Team Coverage

We have worked with a wide range of clubs and teams, including:


Coast Sport Recipe Book

  • A document full of healthy recipes created by our very own Dietitian Ali Redman.

Foot intrinsic muscle exercises for athletes

  • These are great little exercises for running athletes (short, middle, long distance), football athletes (soccer, rugby) and jumping athletes (Basketball, volleyball, high jump)

Basic Ankle taping

  • Basic rigid ankle strapping to prevent ankle inversion injuries. This taping can be used across a range of sports to reduce the risk of ankle injury.

How to choose the right netball shoe

  • Coast Sport Podiatrist Will chats about what to look for a in a good netball shoe.