work injury

Work Injury

The Central Coast workforce comprises of a unique mix of white and blue-collar workers.

We are committed to improving the occupational health of the whole Central Coast workforce through the prevention of work injury.

We have designed a range of occupational health services that have the flexibility to suit any individual or organisation.

Integrated, multidisciplinary client management

We offer a range of occupational health professionals working together to provide you and your organization with the highest level of integrated care across multiple health dimensions

Work-related injury (Workcover/SIRA) management

We accept referrals for work-related injury assessment and treatment.

Our staff are experienced in the treatment and management of work-related injury and progressive return to work plans
When booking an appointment for a Workcover/SIRA related issue, we do require a GP referral.

Pre-Employment and Return to Work assessments

We perform work fitness assessments to ensure you are fit enough to effectively meet the requirements of your job without getting sick or injured.

Workplace assessment

We perform an ergonomic assessment of your workplace and functional tasks, providing practical advice and solutions to reduce your risk of injury and improve your occupational health.

Injury prevention programs

We can design, implement, monitor and progress injury prevention plans to meet the needs of your job. These are specific to the individual as well as to the task performed.

The education of workers is crucial to improving occupational health and safety. We offer practical education programs tailored specifically to the needs of individuals or organisations based around injury prevention and management as well as holistic occupational health and wellness.


We offer practical occupational health solutions for organisations and groups.

  • Education and training
  • Group consultations
  • Presentations and workshops

Please contact us to discuss solutions that are customized to your needs. Phone (02) 4356 2588

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