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29 Jul

The Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

Have you ever wondered how you can benefit from plyometric exercises or what they are?...

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13 Jul

Netball Prehab | Return to Netball Video

15 Apr

Nutrition for netball

With the netball season starting it is important to consider how we fuel for games...

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KNEE Netball Injury Prevention Program

Elite program guide

Junior program guide

Junior manual

Coaching manual

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Recreational program manual

Recreational program guide

Stretching exercise sheet

Info for all players

Coast Sport Recipe Book

A document full of healthy recipes created by our very own Dietitian Ali Redman.

Foot intrinsic muscle exercises for athletes

These are great little exercises for running athletes (short, middle, long distance), football athletes (soccer, rugby) and jumping athletes (Basketball, volleyball, high jump)

Basic Ankle taping

Basic rigid ankle strapping to prevent ankle inversion injuries. This taping can be used across a range of sports to reduce the risk of ankle injury.

How to choose the right netball shoe

Coast Sport Podiatrist Will chats about what to look for a in a good netball shoe.

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