04 Dec

Why glutes are the king of the swing!

Why are your glutes important in golf swing? icon The gluteal muscles are the largest muscle group in the body comprising of glute medius, glute minimus and glute maximus. They are the king of the swing because they are responsible for good posture, transferring energy and protecting the spine. The reason they are so important […]

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23 Jul

Common foot problems in golf

Foot problems in golf icon A full round of golf can often add up to a 6.5 to 8 kilometer workout, which can cause some discomfort and pain in your feet. Painful and tired feet can affect your timing and balance enough to have a large impact on your swing, which can be reflected on […]

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19 Apr

The Benefits of Exercise in the Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

icon Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the most common endocrine condition in women of a childbearing age and can be the leading cause of infertility where ovulation does not occur. Many of the symptoms of PCOS can be caused due to an increase in testosterone and male hormones circulated in the body, these can prevent ovulation […]

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03 Apr

How important is warming up before golf?

How important is a golf warm-up? icon Did you know that by just warming up you can improve your performance? But not just any warm up… We all know the demands that golf expects of the body, the appropriate levels of range of motion and flexibility of the joints and soft tissue are to be […]

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23 Jan

Grip strength in golf

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12 Sep

Coast Sport at SportsFest 2017

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11 May

Golf Performance

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27 Mar

Exercise of the Month – March 2017

These exercises should not cause pain. If you are having trouble with these exercises or other exercises, please contact us on the details below to organise an appointment.   Thanks to our Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Coast Sport team member Leigh-Anne McBride for preparing this exercise of the month. To book in with Leigh-Anne to get some […]

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19 Dec

Exercise of the Month – December 2016

PALLOF PRESS Rotational movements are integral to many of the sports enjoyed by people on the Central Coast. From tennis to surfing to football, the Pallof Press can help you improve your rotational control. This is a great exercise for stability of hips, pelvis and spine and working on the slings of muscles that work […]

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18 Nov

Exercise of the Month – November 2016

Side lying windmill- for thoracic mobility This exercise helps to increase thoracic rotation, why is this so important? Well a decrease in thoracic mobility can lead to issues in the joints above and joints below, hence problems with the neck and lower back. The thoracic spine is designed for flexion, extension and rotation. It is […]

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