03 Dec

How to Train Effectively During the Off Season

Make the most of your off-season icon The off season can go one of two ways. You might train hard, physically and mentally to better yourself for the next year, or you might completely stop all exercise and dig yourself a hole. Here’s out top tips to make the most of your off-season and come […]

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11 Aug

Tradies National Health Month

It’s August, which means it’s Tradies National Health Monthh! Trade occupations hold a high level of risk due to the physically demanding nature of the work and dangerous environment in which they take place, with tradies accounting for 3 in 5 workplace injuries. It is important to remember that your health and wellbeing is the […]

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06 Aug

Working on Your Feet All Day? 8 Tips to Avoid Pain and Injury

Do you stand on your feet all day? Do your feet get sore and tired? Working on your feet all day can do a real number on your feet, legs, and back. In Australia, around 1.2 million work days were lost in 2009 and 2010 due to lower limb disorders. A 2014 survey of 1,000 […]

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30 Dec

Thoracic Rotation and Why It’s Important!

Do you have difficulty lifting your arms over head? Have trouble moving your neck? Have soreness throwing a ball? Can’t swim as fast as you previously could?  All these activities can be affected and limited by a lack of thoracic rotation. We want a mobile thoracic spine, particularly for rotation and in turn, extension. If […]

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23 Dec

What is an ingrown toenail and how is it treated?

Ingrown Toenails & Treatment   The term “ingrown toenail” is basically used to illustrate various problems that lead to discomfort and pain all around the toe nails despite the unsaid fact that in most of the cases the nail doesn’t actually “grow” into the surrounding skin. Ingrown toenails may present in all age groups of […]

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16 Dec

Increase Strength and Muscle Size through Training Specificity

WANTING INCREASES IN STRENGTH OR GROWTH OR BOTH? Want to get stronger but unsure of how many sets? Or repetitions? Or how much to lift? Muscle strength is important to human health and athletic performance. Let’s first explain a measurement used for testing strength the 1 RM or 1 repetition maximum in other words what […]

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09 Dec

Guidelines for Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise is an important aspect of pregnancy and the research and consensus around exercise has changed a lot in the recent years with the benefits of exercise becoming much more apparent. Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercise before, during and after pregnancy. Physical activity in pregnancy has […]

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06 Dec

Get Your Feet Summer Ready

With the warm weather of summer well and truly upon us, here are a few foot care tips to keep your feet it top condition for the upcoming months.  In the summer, many Australians wear thongs and flat sandals however this footwear generally doesn’t have the necessary support for our feet and ankles when worn […]

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05 Dec

Warm up for your swim, ALWAYS

With summer fast approaching, Australia’s swimming season is about to get into full swing! Do you complete a warm up prior to getting in the pool or ocean? A prescribed warm up is essential to decrease the likelihood of injury, especially due to the utilisation of large muscle groups when swimming. It allows for increased […]

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07 Oct

Foot Health Problems – Arthritis

How can podiatry help?  Podiatry intervention in the initial stages of arthritis can slow down progression of bony deformities, with the use of an orthotic device and correct footwear we can encourage the foot and leg to function optimally and comfortably. If bony changes, areas of high pressure and restricted joints have already become an […]

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