03 Dec

How to Train Effectively During the Off Season

Make the most of your off-season icon The off season can go one of two ways. You might train hard, physically and mentally to better yourself for the next year, or you might completely stop all exercise and dig yourself a hole. Here’s out top tips to make the most of your off-season and come […]

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05 Aug

Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Types of Incontinence While there are several causes of incontinence, more common causes may be pregnancy, child birth, and menopause. There are a few different types of incontinence when it comes to bladder control, the first step is identifying which type you may be experiencing. The types of urinary incontinence: Stress incontinence: urine leaks with […]

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01 Oct

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a unique and debilitating shoulder pathology.  Characterised by severe stiffness, pain, and loss of range of motion, patients often report limitations that can persist for up to 3-5 years.  It is estimated that up to 5% of the population may experience frozen shoulder throughout their lifetime, with the incidence increasing […]

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06 May

Concussion in sport

icon The winter sporting season is well and truly upon us and with that comes the risk of concussions from many different sources. Some examples are: contact from another player, contact with trees and goal posts, falls and trips as well as the infamous falcon (ball to the head)! Many people who sustain a concussion […]

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08 Oct

Trail running warm up

Ensuring you are warm and ready to run can often be over looked when heading out for a trail run. Below is a basic warmup that should help get you ready for what the trail throws at you. If you have had previous injuries, you may need to incorporate other specific exercises. This warmup will […]

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25 Sep

Coast Sport supports Central Coast Half Marathon

icon On Sunday 25th November 2018 at Memorial Park, The Entrance, NSW, thousands of running enthusiasts will be lacing up their sneakers in preparation for the popular Central Coast Half Marathon and 10km Fun Run. Leading local allied health provider, Coast Sport, is thrilled to be supporting the event again in their quest to get […]

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24 Sep

Injury prevention for trail running

icon Unlike road running, trail running brings with it a new array of injuries and complaints due to its challenging terrains and uneven surfaces. Common injuries we see in trail runners include: Ankle Sprains Cuts and grazes Calf cramping Hip flexor and adductor (groin pain) How do we avoid these? Preparation is key. Implement a […]

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14 Aug

Top tips for ensuring optimum performance during footy finals

It’s finals time: Top tips for ensuring optimum performance during footy finals icon It’s that time of year again, where footy finals are almost upon us. Whether you play rugby, AFL or NRL, you definitely want to ensure that you are in top condition to perform during finals football. It’s important to ensure you are […]

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13 Aug

12 week half marathon training plans

Half-Marathon Training Plans icon In preparation for the Central Coast Half Marathon on the 25th of November, we have decided to create beginner, intermediate and advanced 12 week half marathon training plans to help you get on track for race day! Whether you are a beginner aiming to run your first half marathon, or wanting […]

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06 Aug

Pre-Pointe Assessments

At Coast Sport we are understand the demands of pointe on young dancers. It requires a large amount of strength, mobility and technique. A pre-pointe assessment is a necessary step when looking to go on pointe. It will reduce your risk of injury and ensure you progress to pointe in the safest way possible. A […]

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