Ensuring you are warm and ready to run can often be over looked when heading out for a trail run. Below is a basic warmup that should help get you ready for what the trail throws at you. If you have had previous injuries, you may need to incorporate other specific exercises.
This warmup will take you approximately 7-10 minutes and is built around some of the movements you may experience on the trail. Be sure to think about good landing, squat technique and control.

Tips for on the trail

Carry fluids - Keeping yourself hydrated is important, and water stops are often sparse during trail runs, so make sure to carry fluids and electrolyte gels. When using gels, ensure you have tried and tested these out in training runs. You don’t want to ingest something that doesn’t sit well mid race!

Stay focused and keep your eyes on the trail - Although it might be tempting to try and take in all the sights around you, it is important to stay focused and keep your eyes on the trail to avoid injuries on the uneven terrain.

Know the course - Aim to practice the course prior to the event as no track is the same as another! Or at the very least, have a look at the course map beforehand, so you know in advance where the hardest and most challenging parts of the race are!

Run to your level – There will be runners of all levels at these events. Be sure to slow down and speed up where appropriate, depending on your level and ability.

Trail running shoes – These can be a good investment if you’re considering running more trails, even if it is just for a more robust shoe that will tolerate the trails better. Come and chat with one of our podiatrists about this to learn more.

Enjoy the run!
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