31 Aug

10 Things A Physio Can Do For You – Benefits of Physiotherapy

Whether you’re an office worker struggling with posture or chronic pain, a mum recovering from pregnancy, or an active sportsperson, experiencing pain in any form can seriously disrupt your everyday life. When pain prevents us from enjoying the activities we love, completing work, and spending time with family, it not only affects our physical health, […]

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18 Mar

Common running injuries

icon Most runners are used to having something wrong when they run – some sort of niggle or pain that is just there. Often these may be nothing, or they could turn into something more. Running is a great form of exercise but can be tough on your body and, there is no shortage of […]

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26 Feb

Set yourself up for the season: common netball injuries and prevention

icon With the netball pre-season well and truly upon us, it’s time to jump in to training. Netball manages to provide a substantial amount of injuries, particularly those involving the knees and ankles, due to its jolting nature, high speed bursts, sudden stopping and frequent changes of direction. Prepare yourself for the season by knowing […]

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25 Feb

Tournament preparation

How to prepare for a big event and avoid injury icon Have you trained hard for more than half the year only to wind up with a niggling injury only a few days out from your big event? You are not alone and this is not uncommon. As we prepare our bodies to perform at […]

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19 Feb

Understanding and Preventing Common Injuries in AFL

The Australian Football League (AFL) is, unsurprisingly, a sport that demands high physicality and endurance, exposing players to a significant risk of injuries. These injuries, varying in severity and type, can considerably affect an athlete’s career and performance.  Understanding the most common types of injuries, their causes, and prevention methods is vital for players, coaches, […]

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19 Jun

Common rugby injuries

Common Rugby Injuries icon Rugby is a high impact sport which sees no shortage of injuries. Although overuse injuries such as tendinopathies are common in rugby, more common are traumatic injuries that occur due to the nature of the sport. We take a look at some of the most common injuries that occur in rugby, […]

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17 May

Preventing Basketball Injuries

Preventing Basketball Injuries icon In part 1 of our basketball blog series, we talked about some of the most common injuries in basketball and the treatment options for them (if you missed it, you can check it out here). In part 2, we are going to discuss the prevention of injuries in basketball. You can’t […]

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30 Oct

Mallet finger

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24 Oct

Preventing basketball injuries

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12 Sep

Coast Sport supporting the Relay for Life: Lets outrun cancer!

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