03 Dec

How to Train Effectively During the Off Season

Make the most of your off-season icon The off season can go one of two ways. You might train hard, physically and mentally to better yourself for the next year, or you might completely stop all exercise and dig yourself a hole. Here’s out top tips to make the most of your off-season and come […]

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30 May

Nutrition for football

icon With the Australian A-League season coming to an end, it means for the majority of us the football (soccer) season is only beginning. Nutrition is not only important to how we play throughout football games and training sessions, but also to reduce our chance of illness or injury throughout the season for consistent high […]

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28 May

Understanding diet and diabetes

When it comes to eating for diabetes, the basics are following a balanced and varied diet eating from all five core food groups, that is; vegetables, fruits, breads and cereals, dairy and alternatives and meat and alternatives. Before going through important dietary factors it is important to understand the condition. Diabetes is a chronic condition […]

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22 May

Healthy lunches at work

icon The work week tends to be jam packed with not only work, but domestic duties, looking after family, commuting, exercise and trying to find to relax, which can be hard at the best of times. This can make it hard to find the time to make lunches of a morning, which sometimes leads to […]

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06 May

What dietary strategy is for you?

icon There are many diets out there; from low fat, paleo, ketogenic, sugar free, low carb and more. It can be confusing to know what information out there is correct, and what diets may be useful to follow or take inspiration from. Many diets can be categorised as a Fad Diet, meaning it promises fast […]

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18 Mar

Managing Children’s Food Allergies

icon The incidence of food allergies has increased considerably in Australia over the past decade with 1 in 20 children having a food allergy. A food allergy is an abnormal immune-mediated reaction to food via ingestion, skin contact or inhalation, resulting in clinical symptoms. An Immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated food allergy occurs when the immune […]

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05 Mar

Protein: Exploring food and supplementation

icon In the sporting world protein is known predominantly for driving muscle repair and growth. Protein however, is also essential to every cell in our body as they make enzymes, hormones, bones, skin and blood. Protein is found in foods such as red meat, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts, tofu, and legumes but are also readily […]

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17 Dec

Mythbusters: Diet myths broken down

Breaking down the myths icon There are many diet myths out there, the question is are they accurate? Do they work? Coast Sport Sports Dietitian Ali Redman discuses 5 common myths below. 1. Not eating after 7pm speeds up weight loss No matter when you eat, if you take in more energy (kilojoules/calories) than your […]

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11 Dec

Top New Years resolutions and tips for sticking to them!

Health and fitness New Years resolutions and how to stick to them! icon Is your New Year’s resolution to start going to the gym or get fit? This is pretty common, but often people find it hard to stick too. Follow our tips and exercise your way to a healthier version of yourself in 2019! […]

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05 Nov

Carbohydrate loading for a half marathon

icon The Central Coast half marathon (21.1km) coming up on Sunday the 25th of November. During a half marathon, there is a high reliance on the aerobic energy system however, efforts are also required for hills and/or sprint finishes so being fuelled to push through the 21.1km event will require both effective physical and nutritional […]

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