19 Feb

Understanding and Preventing Common Injuries in AFL

The Australian Football League (AFL) is, unsurprisingly, a sport that demands high physicality and endurance, exposing players to a significant risk of injuries. These injuries, varying in severity and type, can considerably affect an athlete’s career and performance.  Understanding the most common types of injuries, their causes, and prevention methods is vital for players, coaches, […]

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28 May

Hamstring injuries in AFL

icon Hamstring strain injuries are common across a range of sports, especially those involving sprinting, kicking and high-speed skills. They remain one of the main causes of time lost to injury within all levels of Aussie rules football. Hamstring injuries have been reported at 6.1 new hamstring injuries per club per year, with a recurrence […]

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19 Dec

Exercise of the Month – December 2016

PALLOF PRESS Rotational movements are integral to many of the sports enjoyed by people on the Central Coast. From tennis to surfing to football, the Pallof Press can help you improve your rotational control. This is a great exercise for stability of hips, pelvis and spine and working on the slings of muscles that work […]

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21 Sep

Football and Massage

There are various aches and pain associated with playing  “The Beautiful Game” on the Central Coast.  Whether it be from the tackles, twinge in a muscle while you stretch for a ball, pushing yourself that little bit harder to beat a player or accidentally rolling an ankle, we’ve all experienced some soreness after playing football. Football […]

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29 Apr

ACL Injury Prevention in Women’s Football (Soccer)

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is a thick ligament is located deep inside your knee joint that contributes heavily to the control of rotation at the knee joint. Control of knee rotation is essential in sports that require change of direction like football (soccer) and netball. The ACL has strong communication pathways with the brain […]

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