29 Apr

Hamstring strains

icon Anatomy The hamstrings are made up of 3 muscles: biceps femoris (long and short head) laterally, and the semitendinosus and semimembranosus medially. Role of the hamstring The hamstrings act in flexing the knee and extending the hip. The hamstrings are very active during running, particularly in the late swing phase, and become more involved […]

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11 Mar

Preventing Hamstring Injuries this Pre-season

Hamstring muscle injuries are common among amateur and professional athletes, especially in sports with sprinting demands, kicking, and sudden accelerations. Sports with a high number of hamstring injuries included sprinting (11-29%), Australian Rules football (15%-23%), Rugby league football (15%), Soccer (10%-47%) Rugby Union (6%-15%). Interestingly, among soccer players, hamstring strains were reported as the most […]

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28 May

Understanding Hamstring Injuries in AFL: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Hamstring injuries and the Australian Football League (AFL) often go hand in hand, given the high-intensity nature of the sport. These injuries can sideline players, impacting team performance and individual careers. Understanding the intricacies of hamstring injuries—how they occur, are treated, and, most importantly, prevented—is crucial for anyone involved in AFL.  With the right knowledge […]

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