11 Dec

Touch football warm-up

Touch football warm-up program icon Why is a good, structured warm-up important? Prepares our body for movement Increases flexibility Increases blood flow Coast Sport Physiotherapist Tim has prepared a touch football warm-up that covers all of the bases. Check it out in the video below, and download the training program here. zW2KnKLbpxE 700 400 Book […]

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19 Dec

Exercise of the Month – December 2016

PALLOF PRESS Rotational movements are integral to many of the sports enjoyed by people on the Central Coast. From tennis to surfing to football, the Pallof Press can help you improve your rotational control. This is a great exercise for stability of hips, pelvis and spine and working on the slings of muscles that work […]

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18 Nov

Exercise of the Month – November 2016

Side lying windmill- for thoracic mobility This exercise helps to increase thoracic rotation, why is this so important? Well a decrease in thoracic mobility can lead to issues in the joints above and joints below, hence problems with the neck and lower back. The thoracic spine is designed for flexion, extension and rotation. It is […]

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