11 Dec

Touch football warm-up

Touch football warm-up program icon Why is a good, structured warm-up important? Prepares our body for movement Increases flexibility Increases blood flow Coast Sport Physiotherapist Tim has prepared a touch football warm-up that covers all of the bases. Check it out in the video below, and download the training program here. zW2KnKLbpxE 700 400 Book […]

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12 Feb

Why swimmer’s need a dryland warm up

Dryland warm-up for swimming – Why it is important? icon A dry land warm-up for swimmer’s is something that is often talked about, but perhaps not taken seriously enough. Coast Sport and Australian Swim Team Physiotherapist Brett explains why swimmer’s need a dryland warm up in the video below. mC7NZ6bBfxg 700 400 Now that you […]

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01 Jun

Winter Sport and Cold Weather Warm Up

 What an appropriate time of year to remind us all of the essential role that an effective warm up plays in performance and injury prevention. Performing an effective warm up program prior to playing sport reduces the risk of soft tissue injury and improves performance, in all conditions, not just cold weather! Purpose and effect […]

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