12 Feb

Why swimmer’s need a dryland warm up

Dryland warm-up for swimming – Why it is important? icon A dry land warm-up for swimmer’s is something that is often talked about, but perhaps not taken seriously enough. Coast Sport and Australian Swim Team Physiotherapist Brett explains why swimmer’s need a dryland warm up in the video below. mC7NZ6bBfxg 700 400 Now that you […]

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14 Aug

Up close and personal with Cassandra van Breugel

One- on- one with CVB Quick questions with Cassie: When and why did you get into swimming? I started competitive swimming when I was 11. My best friend wanted me to swim with her and my older brother also started competing at carnivals. Where did you grow up? I have lived on the Central Coast […]

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11 Aug

Coast Sport named 2017 finalist for Central Coast Business Excellence Awards

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