14 Sep

Back Pain During Pregnancy – The Feel Good Formula

Pregnancy related back, hip and pelvic girdle pain are all very common. While it is common it shouldn’t always be accepted as a normal part of pregnancy – however most people say that you just need to put up with it, we’re sure you’ve heard that before… We’ve got good news, you don’t! There is […]

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09 Dec

Guidelines for Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise is an important aspect of pregnancy and the research and consensus around exercise has changed a lot in the recent years with the benefits of exercise becoming much more apparent. Women with uncomplicated pregnancies should be encouraged to engage in aerobic and strength-conditioning exercise before, during and after pregnancy. Physical activity in pregnancy has […]

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05 Dec

Warm up for your swim, ALWAYS

With summer fast approaching, Australia’s swimming season is about to get into full swing! Do you complete a warm up prior to getting in the pool or ocean? A prescribed warm up is essential to decrease the likelihood of injury, especially due to the utilisation of large muscle groups when swimming. It allows for increased […]

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14 May

Exercise post pregnancy

Returning to sport/exercise after birth Every mother is different and every birth is different, the most important guideline is to listen to your body and allow it the time to heal. Women who have had Caesareans or complicated births with tissue damage and stitches need more time to recover. Even after an uncomplicated vaginal birth […]

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10 Jan

7 Benefits of Clinical Pilates you might not know about

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11 Jul

Pregnancy and Massage

Our latest blog is from our massage therapist Ali Redman.   Massage therapy is the most common complementary treatment during the entire nine months of pregnancy as it can provide benefits to both mother and baby. Prenatal massage  Various benefits can be experienced during prenatal massages, they include: Reducing edema (swelling) by activating the lymph […]

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04 Jun

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Exercise during and after pregnancy needs to be adapted to the physiological and physical changes of the new Mum. Exercise can offer a range of benefits for the Mum, namely: Prevention of conditions such as pelvic and back pain due to postural changes. Improving sleep and preventing insomnia that can occur especially in the 3rd Decreasing […]

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