12 Nov

Static vs Dynamic stretching

Static and dynamic stretching: What’s the difference? icon Stretching is an important part of physical fitness and ideally should be included daily to protect mobility. Stretching daily can help combat muscle tension that is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle or desk job, and poor posture. There are two types of stretching (static and dynamic) […]

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03 Jun

Cramps and Stitches

Pickle Me?  Science has not found all the answers to the problems of cramps and stitches, however, well-trained, fuelled and hydrated athletes are at least risk of experiencing muscle cramps. How to reduce the risk of a cramp: 1. TRAIN Cramps are less common in athletes who are well trained and conditioned for the event […]

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10 Jan

7 Benefits of Clinical Pilates you might not know about

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