23 Jun

Empowerment Through Strength: A Guide to Women and Strength Training

Strength and resistance training has long held a common, even if subconscious, misconception: that it’s reserved only for men. Despite this historically rooted social norm, however, strength training is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of exercise for women – and for good reason. Beyond the physical gains, such as increased muscular strength, […]

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03 Mar

Understanding Traction Apophysitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Are you or your child experiencing a growth spurt and feeling pain with exercise/sport that gets worse as activity continues? This may be due to traction apophysitis, you may know a few traction-type conditions such as Severs or Osgood Schlatter. These conditions can be very painful and may require monitoring to make sure you can […]

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01 Feb

What is Strength and Conditioning and How Can it Benefit Your Fitness?

You might have heard this term before, and for good reason. Strength and conditioning training is one of the most important and beneficial forms of exercise not only for athletes but for all individuals looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From improving cardiovascular health to reducing the risk of injury, the benefits of strength and […]

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