21 Jan

I’ve dislocated my finger, what now, and when can I play again?

During your rehabilitation your hand therapist will guide you through appropriate drills and training sessions to ensure you are appropriately conditioned to play and game like conditions. Training and games will likely be completed with taping or splinting for the first 6-12 months after injury to further reduce your risk of recurrent dislocation.  If you […]

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06 Jan

Understanding Jarred Finger Injuries: Beyond the Common ‘Knock’

In the world of ball sports, finger injuries are not just common; they’re almost a rite of passage. From the cricket pitches to the netball courts, and across the rugged footy fields, these injuries are as varied as the sports themselves.  Yet, the humble ‘jarred finger,’ often underestimated, can be more than just a temporary […]

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12 Nov

Carpal tunnel syndrome

icon What is it? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition which causes pain and other sensory changes in the hand and forearm. This is caused by the compression or squeezing of the main nerve, the median nerve, as it travels from the forearm into the wrist. Anatomy The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway […]

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16 Jan

Finger Fractures

Finger Fractures icon Finger fractures are relatively common, and despite the bones being small, they can cause significant issues with hand function. The many (27) bones of our hand line up specifically to allow us to grip, manipulate and control objects precisely. Your Health care professional can assess your finger injury to determine the extent […]

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30 Oct

Mallet finger

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