13 May

Progressive overload

Are you not making progress with your resistance training? icon Training places stress on your body. But what happens when your body adapts to this load? Doing the same resistance training regime every time you head in to the gym will eventually lead to a plateau. As will not increasing the weights you lift over […]

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08 Apr

The relationship between lower body strength and sprint performance

icon Sprint performance is a vital aspect to many team and individual sports. The ability to sprint over short distances of 10-40m is a performance predictor for many sports. Several research studies have found that not only is lower body strength correlated with sprint performance but increases in lower body strength have a positive transfer […]

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25 Mar

Why you should be activating your glutes

icon Poor gluteal strength has been associated with various common injuries such as low back pain, hamstring injuries and knee pain. It is also important for post-operative rehab, lower leg stability and injury prevention. Weakness of the gluteal muscular region may contribute to lower extremity injuries by influencing joint-loading patterns and lower extremity control. There […]

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19 Jun


Overtraining icon It’s not uncommon to hear people wanting to get better at a sport. So you think that training harder and more will be the answer. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Too much training can result in over-training. Overtraining is a long-term decrease in performance capacity in response to a large accumulation of […]

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04 Dec

Cues to improve your deadlift form

Key cues to improve your deadlift form icon Deadlifts are a total body, compound exercise, which is based on the basic hip hinge movement. Since they engage many different muscles, they are effective in strength training, building muscle and weight loss. They are extremely beneficial and safe when performed with correct form. However, deadlifts are […]

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08 Sep

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

What’s all the high intensity hype about? The popularity of these type of programs on the Central Coast is on the rise for many reasons, for one it they can be modified for all fitness levels and special conditions such as diabetes and obesity. They are time effective and don’t require any specific equipment. They […]

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