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Game day: prep like a pro!

Tips for preparing for game day coast sport
We all know how important game day is, and we always want to come away with a win. Get yourself as ready as possible with our top game day preparation tips!

The day before:

Hydration – think ahead and start increasing your water intake 1-2 days before (especially if hot weather is forecasted). The negative effects on performance are seen at as little as 2% loss of body weight.
To make sure you are well hydrated:

Start drinking water from the moment you get up in the morning
Place you water bottle in eye sight – on your desk, while you’re in the car, while you watch TV etc.
Aim for pale, straw coloured urine (this is a good indicator of hydration status!)

The night before:

Sleep – Athletes require >8 hours of sleep each night for both injury prevention and performance.
Less sleep:
= slower reaction times
= decreased accuracy
= poor decision making and cognitive function
= increased stress response
= reduced ability to recover

How to improve sleep:
+ Create a consistent sleep routine
+ Avoid screen time 30-60mins before bed time
+ Ensure room is dark, quiet and not overly hot
+ Avoid caffeinated drinks after midday
+ Trial sleep apps such as Headspace, Calm or Beditations

The morning of:

Create your own game day routine. Whether it’s listening to your favourite music or doing some positive self talk.
If you have an afternoon or night game, go for a short light walk or spend 10minutes foam rolling your muscles (1 minute per muscle group).


Be pro-active when it comes to injury prevention!
Before your team warm-up spend some time “activating” the muscle groups that are required for when you play. You may have hard the term “pre-activations” or “prehab.” Essentially, this is a way of engaging your muscles.
It involves choosing 4-5 exercises that target specific muscle groups used in your chosen sport. For example; in football you may include exercises that focus on muscle groups such as the hamstrings, adductors (groin) and glutes.
By performing these exercises, you are establishing a mind-muscle connection between your brain and the targeted muscle group. Muscles that may be weak or under-used are warmed-up and can increase your overall power, acceleration and explosiveness.

TIP: Add in some single leg balance (OR single leg balance with volleys) OR hopping to help “activate” your ankle stabilisers and get your brain switched on for poor field conditions.
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