03 Dec

How to Train Effectively During the Off Season

Make the most of your off-season icon The off season can go one of two ways. You might train hard, physically and mentally to better yourself for the next year, or you might completely stop all exercise and dig yourself a hole. Here’s out top tips to make the most of your off-season and come […]

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22 May

Game day: prep like a pro!

icon We all know how important game day is, and we always want to come away with a win. Get yourself as ready as possible with our top game day preparation tips! The day before: Hydration – think ahead and start increasing your water intake 1-2 days before (especially if hot weather is forecasted). The […]

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06 May

Concussion in sport

icon The winter sporting season is well and truly upon us and with that comes the risk of concussions from many different sources. Some examples are: contact from another player, contact with trees and goal posts, falls and trips as well as the infamous falcon (ball to the head)! Many people who sustain a concussion […]

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08 Apr

The relationship between lower body strength and sprint performance

icon Sprint performance is a vital aspect to many team and individual sports. The ability to sprint over short distances of 10-40m is a performance predictor for many sports. Several research studies have found that not only is lower body strength correlated with sprint performance but increases in lower body strength have a positive transfer […]

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01 Apr

Making weight for sport

icon Sports that require athletes to regularly manipulate their body weight include combat sports such as taekwondo, boxing and horse racing (jockeys). The practice of reducing body mass for a sporting event is commonly referred to as ‘making weight’ or ‘cutting’. Efforts are made to reduce body mass in the days leading up to an […]

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18 Dec

How important is calf strength?

Our calf muscles play a crucial role in various movements such as running, walking, and jumping. These muscles are responsible for pulling the heel upwards to enable forward movement. Therefore, it’s important to understand the significance of calf strength and how it can positively impact your overall performance and well-being. In this guide, we’ll explore […]

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17 Dec

Why you should get a pre-season screening

icon In the world of sport, Physiotherapists not only play a role in injury rehabilitation, but also in injury prevention and performance enhancement. Pre-season screenings are a vital tool in assessing an athlete before they begin training. We are looking to identify potential risks of injury and other factors which may impact your training and […]

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22 Oct

The importance of sleep for recovery

The importance of sleep for recovery and performance icon Sleep affects the quality of training, due to its impacts on recovery. So, getting enough rest is an essential step in maintaining and improving performance. How does sleep affect recovery and performance? Basically, your body needs time to repair in your rest times between workouts. During […]

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15 Oct

What is delayed onset muscle soreness?

icon What is it? Delayed onset muscle soreness, often referred to as ‘DOMS’ can be simply described as muscle pain related to exercise. It often occurs following excessive exercise, and presents as a dull, aching pain in a muscle or muscle group (that you would have targeted or used in a training session), generally between […]

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19 Jun


Overtraining icon It’s not uncommon to hear people wanting to get better at a sport. So you think that training harder and more will be the answer. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Too much training can result in over-training. Overtraining is a long-term decrease in performance capacity in response to a large accumulation of […]

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