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Mortons Neuroma

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Mortons Neuroma: Causes and treatment

Mortons Neuroma is a common and painful condition due to the compression and tension of the plantar digital nerves just before they enter the toes. Most commonly seen in the 3rd and 4th toes, however does affect the 2nd and 3rd toes.

Morton neuroma can presents with a sudden sharp shooting shooting sensation, or as an intense burning or pins and needles extending from the ball of the foot extending down towards their toes. This pain is often triggered by prolonged standing,walking or running. The condition is aggravated by wearing tight narrow ill fitting footwear. High heeled shoes place a higher amount of pressure on the ball of the foot adding to the tension on the digital nerves.
A careful history along with a biomechanical and gait analysis will be performed to gain all the relevant information to correctly diagnose what are all of the possible causes of the condition developing. Whether poor foot alignment and function has contributed or more a footwear or lifestyle factor is the main cause.

Symptoms can eased by having a good pair of well fitting shoes that have plenty of room at the forefoot minimizing any compression forces. As Well as proper footwear small metatarsal dome positioned in the shoe can alleviate pressure on the nerve by separating the bone in the forefoot. If the biomechanics and structure are contributing factor custom orthotics may be the most effective treatment method for the condition. If the pain persist after the conservative treatments. Surgery may be necessary to remove the neuroma.

Thanks to Coast Sport Podiatrist Will for preparing this blog. To find out more about Will, click here. Will practices as a Podiatrist at both Toukley (Toukley Family Practice) and Tuggerah (Tuggerah Medical Centre and Coast Sport).

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