Healthy Ageing

The Central Coast boasts a large number of retired residents. We are committed to achieving healthy ageing for the people of the NSW Central Coast. 

We have specifically designed a range of healthcare services to meet their unique needs. Our solutions offer improved allied health service accessibility and flexibility to promote healthy ageing to all across the Central Coast.

Integrated, multidisciplinary patient management

We offer a range of aged care services working together to provide you with the highest level of integrated care across multiple professions, for the best outcome .


We accept DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) and Medicare CDM (Chronic Disease Management) (Previously EPC - Enhanced Primary Care) referrals.

Physiotherapy & Injury prevention

Our Physiotherapists will get you feeling well, moving well and staying well, with our individually prescribed injury prevention and management programs that can be tailored specifically to the needs of older people

Exercise Physiology Services

Our Exercise Physiologists offer a range of services for older patients:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Diabetes Management
  • Weight Management
  • Maintenance of Bone Mineral Density

  • Balance training and falls minimisation
  • Improving functional capacity
  • Improve strength and mobility

Falls & Balance Classes

Improve your balance, proprioception and coordination and reduce your risk of falls and injury by attending our falls and balance class.

Bone Health classes

Minimise your loss of bone mineral density and prevent the onset of osteopenia and osteoporosis by attending our weight bearing exercise classes. Contact us to find out more.

The benefits of class participation are realised through consistent attendance. So, we offer incentives to purchase class packages because we acknowledge that this ultimately achieves a better outcome for you.

Bone & Balance Class 6-Pack 10% off (Valid for 8-weeks)

Bone & Balance Class 12-Pack 15% off (Valid for 16-weeks)

Bone & Balance Class 20-Pack 20% off (Valid for 24-weeks)

Prior to attending our classes, it is essential to have a Pre-participation Physiotherapy assessment to assess your suitability to the classes as well as assess your baseline ability and establish outcome goals. Book your Pre-participation assessment now!

Please contact us to discuss aged care solutions that are customised to your needs. Phone (02) 4356 2588.

This Service is available as a Mobile Treatment Service

In the convience of your home workplace or venue.

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