19 Jul

Diabetes Class Central Coast | COMING SOON

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08 Jul

Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes: The Importance of Exercise for Prevention and Management What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to automatically regulate the blood glucose levels which means that the levels of sugar in the blood are too high. With TYPE 1 Diabetes the pancreas cannot make insulin because the cells that produce it have […]

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01 Jun

Endometriosis and Exercise: Pain, Post-Op and More!

Endometriosis is a chronic condition where the endometrial tissue that normally lies inside the uterus migrates to outside of the uterus. The most common places to find endometrial-like tissue are the on the walls of the pelvic cavity, the ovaries, bladder and bowel, and on the thin wall dividing the rectum from the vagina. In […]

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16 Dec

Increase Strength and Muscle Size through Training Specificity

WANTING INCREASES IN STRENGTH OR GROWTH OR BOTH? Want to get stronger but unsure of how many sets? Or repetitions? Or how much to lift? Muscle strength is important to human health and athletic performance. Let’s first explain a measurement used for testing strength the 1 RM or 1 repetition maximum in other words what […]

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08 Apr

Fighting cancer with exercise

icon Research has now shown just how vital exercise is as an adjunct to cancer treatment and should be prescribed to all cancer patients under the guidance of an Exercise Physiologist. Not only does it help to manage the side effects associated with cancer treatment, but it is now known to improve patient outcomes. It […]

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12 Feb

What’s the best exercise for type 2 diabetes treatment?

So, we know exercise is a vital part of treatment for Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM) but what TYPE of exercise? Exercise can cause genetic, neuromuscular and metabolic changes at a cellular level – that is powerful stuff! BUT these changes occur specifically with a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise. Benefits of aerobic exercise are […]

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12 Nov

Static vs Dynamic stretching

Static and dynamic stretching: What’s the difference? icon Stretching is an important part of physical fitness and ideally should be included daily to protect mobility. Stretching daily can help combat muscle tension that is often caused by a sedentary lifestyle or desk job, and poor posture. There are two types of stretching (static and dynamic) […]

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21 May

Exercise Right 2018 – Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise right week 2018 icon What’s your motivation to move? This week (21st-27th of May) is exercise right week. It is well known that there are many benefits of exercise on health, but how about mental health? Research is becoming increasingly more popular in to the area and has found consistently that exercise has a […]

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19 Apr

The Benefits of Exercise in the Treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

icon Polycystic ovarian syndrome is the most common endocrine condition in women of a childbearing age and can be the leading cause of infertility where ovulation does not occur. Many of the symptoms of PCOS can be caused due to an increase in testosterone and male hormones circulated in the body, these can prevent ovulation […]

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14 Nov

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day November 14th 2017- Coast Sport helping diabetics get the most out of life! It’s World Diabetes Day 2017 on November 14th and this provides an ideal opportunity to put Diabetes in the spotlight. Across the world, diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women, resulting in 2.1 million deaths a […]

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