12 Oct

Back to Gym – Post Lockdown

If you’re local to the Greater Sydney area or NSW, Australia in general, you are well across our recent 107 day Covid lockdown. You may have celebrated the well promoted “Freedom Day” with a beer at the pub on your first day back in the real world. If so, what’s your next big plan? Well, […]

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08 Jul

Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes: The Importance of Exercise for Prevention and Management What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a condition where the body is unable to automatically regulate the blood glucose levels which means that the levels of sugar in the blood are too high. With TYPE 1 Diabetes the pancreas cannot make insulin because the cells that produce it have […]

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03 May

5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Sometimes we are after a healthier lifestyle but unsure how to get there. Going on a new diet and hitting the gym every morning at 5am may sound daunting to some, which can lead to procrastination of that healthier lifestyle you’re after. Over time, the more you build up this big ‘healthy lifestyle’ you’re looking […]

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05 Nov

Running Guide for Beginners: 5 Tenacious Tips

The weather is getting warmer, what better way to experience it then beginning to run. Running may not seem the easiest to get into. It takes dedication and a routine but once you have those locked in place – it’s the easiest decision you will have ever made for yourself, and perhaps the most enjoyable. […]

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30 Jun

Returning to Gym Post COVID-19

After a long road of quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic, we are seeing restrictions ease in Australia more and more. The perks of our social distancing cooperation has not only resulted in lives saved, but a quicker road back to “normal”. Having twenty people over to your home, your neighbourhood pub re-opening, and finally – […]

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25 Feb

Can’t find the time to workout? TABATA!

If you think Tabata could be for you, or you want to find out more, give us a call in clinic today, or book an appointment via the button below! Book an appointment online!

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25 Nov

What is that pain in my shoulder?

Book in with one of our Physiotherapists to learn more about rotator cuff related shoulder pain!   Book an appointment online!  

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11 Nov

It’s Getting Hot in Here

If you do succumb to the heat, what should you do? Heat cramps, dizziness and fainting, heat exhaustion and heat stroke can all be caused by dehydration. If any of the above do occur, it is important that the activity is ceased and you move to q cool, quiet place. Increase your fluid intake and […]

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18 Oct

The Window of Opportunity – The Off Season

The winter sports season has well and truly passed. Now we have had that time to rest and recover, we need to start looking at offseason conditioning. The offseason is often undervalued and neglected which becomes concerning given its integral role in the athlete’s development.

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26 Sep

Training Load Management

What is Training Load?   “Training load” is a broad term describing total volume, intensity and type of physical activity an athlete undertakes during both training and competition.  External load: the physical work performed by an athlete. For example, distance run, amount of jumps performed, balls thrown. It van also be the duration, intensity or […]

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