23 Sep

Athlete Injury Prevention Programs: Safeguarding Your Sporting Passion

Returning to sport after an injury can be a daunting prospect, and athletes often wonder how to enhance their performance while minimising the risk of re-injury. Fortunately, many sporting codes have introduced specialised athletic preparation programs designed to address this concern.  In this guide, we explore various injury prevention programs tailored to popular sports played […]

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04 Aug

ACJ in Contact Sports: Understanding Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries

In the fast-paced and demanding realm of contact sports, injuries inevitably become an integral part of the game. Athletes, driven by their passion and commitment, regularly find themselves pushing their physical boundaries to achieve peak performance. However, amid the adrenaline-fueled intensity and fierce competition, the human body can become susceptible to a range of injuries.  […]

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26 Aug

Tradie Injuries | Physio Can Help!

3 in 5 workplace accidents involve someone who is working in a trade profession with 60% of tradesmen feeling the strain of being on their feet all day due to the physical demands of their job. The physical demands of a trade can cause and exacerbate a range of injuries. On average, time off work […]

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11 Aug

Tradies National Health Month

It’s August, which means it’s Tradies National Health Monthh! Trade occupations hold a high level of risk due to the physically demanding nature of the work and dangerous environment in which they take place, with tradies accounting for 3 in 5 workplace injuries. It is important to remember that your health and wellbeing is the […]

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26 Sep

Training Load Management

What is Training Load?   “Training load” is a broad term describing total volume, intensity and type of physical activity an athlete undertakes during both training and competition.  External load: the physical work performed by an athlete. For example, distance run, amount of jumps performed, balls thrown. It van also be the duration, intensity or […]

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21 Sep

Taping for Sport and Exercise

If you need taping or have an injury that requires rehabilitation, book in with us today! Book an appointment online!

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26 Aug

Sleep – Is it a Pain in the Neck?

Often when we think of pain we think of injury, as if the one is impossible without the other. It is easy for us to attempt to pinpoint a certain situation or event that caused us to be in pain such as lifting an object incorrectly or rolling an ankle playing basketball, however often pain […]

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13 May

Let’s talk about shin splints

icon Medial tibial stress syndrome, more commonly known as shin splints, is a common complaint, particularly among those who are involved in running or running based sports. Shin splints are characterised by pain along the front or side of the shin, and can be a huge burden. Common causes Common causes of shin splints normally […]

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29 Apr

Hamstring strains

icon Anatomy The hamstrings are made up of 3 muscles: biceps femoris (long and short head) laterally, and the semitendinosus and semimembranosus medially. Role of the hamstring The hamstrings act in flexing the knee and extending the hip. The hamstrings are very active during running, particularly in the late swing phase, and become more involved […]

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17 Dec

When an ankle sprain isn’t an ankle sprain

icon Ankle sprains make up the most common injury in sport and is often an injury see in the general population with injuries occurring at work and home. We often see these injuries in sports such as dancing, netball, basketball, rugby and football/soccer. Ankle sprains can just be that, a sprain of the ligaments on […]

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