17 Dec

When an ankle sprain isn’t an ankle sprain

icon Ankle sprains make up the most common injury in sport and is often an injury see in the general population with injuries occurring at work and home. We often see these injuries in sports such as dancing, netball, basketball, rugby and football/soccer. Ankle sprains can just be that, a sprain of the ligaments on […]

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14 Nov

High ankle sprain – syndesmosis injury

icon High ankle sprains are less common than lateral ankle sprains, but generally are more serious and require a longer recovery. They occur to the ligaments above the ankle which connect the two bones of the lower leg: the tibia and fibula. The tibia and fibula are held together by the syndesmosis membrane as well […]

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05 Jun

Ankle sprains in netball

icon Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in netball players and can range in severity. Minor sprains may only take a week of rest and rehab, whereas more serious sprains can take much longer. The ankle accounts for 40% of netball injuries (Fong et al. 2007), due to the amount of jumping, […]

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14 Jun

How to Prevent Netball Injuries

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