20 Oct

National Osteoporosis Day: exercise and nutrition

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13 Oct

The benefits of exercise on mental health

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11 Oct

Eating for the Relay – Top tips from Coast Sport

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19 Nov

Myofascial Cupping, what is it?

Myofascial Cupping is a form of remedial massage treatment combining and using Myofascial Release Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy. How does it work? Using glass or silicone cups, they are placed on the skin, creating a slightly pressurised seal drawing up superficial muscle into the cup stimulating the circulation of blood, breaking up adhesion’s, and creating a pathway for toxins to be drawn out of the […]

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20 Jul

5 reasons why athletes should love massage!

According to research, there is great psychological and physical benefits for athletes who engage the services of regular massage therapy sessions as well as other stress-reducing activities.   Here’s 5 reasons athletes should – and do – love massage therapy: An athlete, regardless if they are a developing athlete or an elite athlete, needs a quiet mind. We’ve all heard the cliché […]

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