What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy is a great way to progress your rehab within a safe and comfortable environment. It is often a stepping stone to land-based activity and can be used in isolation or in conjunction with your physiotherapy rehab program.
Exercising in a heated pool can have a myriad of benefits. The warmth of the water encourages your muscles to relax and helps to reduce joint stiffness and pain. The temperature often varies between 31 and 36 degrees.
The buoyancy of the water also reduces the impact on your joints – you are only taking 10-15% of your bodyweight in chest high water!!

Who can benefit?

There are many patients who may benefit from hydrotherapy.
For example;

Osteoarthritis (ankle, hips, knee, back etc)

Obese/overweight patients

Lower and/or Upper Back pain

Post-surgery (e.g. knee/hip replacements, ACL reconstructions, spinal surgery, Achilles repair, shoulder reconstructions)

Chronic pain and/or Fibromyalgia

Deconditioned and clients who are prone to falls

What to expect during a Coast Sport Hydro session?

If you are not yet a patient at Coast Sport you will have a land based assessment with one of our physiotherapists to discuss your goals of therapy and what you wish to achieve from the hydro session.

Corinne (our hydrotherapy instructor) will design a program that is adjusted to each individual depending on their symptoms and availabilities. The movement can be slow, controlled and stretch based; or can be more strength based using both equipment and the resistance of the water.

Classes can be either 1 on 1 or in a small group (maximum 3 participants).

If you are unable to use stairs or a ladder then there is a chair available for easy access into the hydrotherapy pool.

Once you feel confident in the water, Corinne is able to write you a program to continue independently.
Find out more about our Aquatic Physiotherapy services here.

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Thanks to Coast Sport Physiotherapist Corinne for preparing this blog. You can find out more about Corinne here.

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