19 Feb

Set yourself up for the season: Common injuries and prevention in AFL

icon With the AFL pre-season underway, it’s important to be aware of the most common injuries sustained in AFL and consider strategies to prevent them. Common Injuries There are 2 types of injuries that occur in AFL: Acute injuries: Acute injuries are caused by direct contact and blows (from another player, the ball, falling or […]

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14 Aug

Top tips for ensuring optimum performance during footy finals

It’s finals time: Top tips for ensuring optimum performance during footy finals icon It’s that time of year again, where footy finals are almost upon us. Whether you play rugby, AFL or NRL, you definitely want to ensure that you are in top condition to perform during finals football. It’s important to ensure you are […]

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28 May

Hamstring injuries in AFL

icon Hamstring strain injuries are common across a range of sports, especially those involving sprinting, kicking and high-speed skills. They remain one of the main causes of time lost to injury within all levels of Aussie rules football. Hamstring injuries have been reported at 6.1 new hamstring injuries per club per year, with a recurrence […]

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18 Apr

Concussion in sport

Get your head out of the game – Concussion in sport and why you need to take it seriously icon What exactly is concussion? The latest consensus statement defines concussions as ‘a subset of mild traumatic brain injury without structural abnormalities on conventional neuroimaging modalities’.1 More simply put, concussion can be defined as a temporary […]

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22 Jan

Coast Sport partners with the Magpies

In our pursuit to keep the Central Coast feeling well, moving well and performing well, Coast Sport has recently partnered with Wyong Lakes Australian Rules Football Club, Magpies or ‘Pies’ as they are affectionately known. The team at Coast Sport work closely with many elite sporting teams and organisations including the Australian Dolphins Swim team, […]

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