29 Jul

The Benefits of Plyometric Exercises

Have you ever wondered how you can benefit from plyometric exercises or what they are? Have you been caught asking yourself any of the following: • How do I jump higher in volleyball? • How do I jump higher in basketball? • How do I run faster? What about this one – how do I […]

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13 Jul

Netball Prehab | Return to Netball Video

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15 Apr

Nutrition for netball

With the netball season starting it is important to consider how we fuel for games for those consistent high-level performance! Nutrition is not only important to how we play but to how we train and recover during the week. At all levels of netball, the body’s anaerobic and aerobic systems are fired up, requiring players […]

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26 Feb

Set yourself up for the season: common netball injuries and prevention

icon With the netball pre-season well and truly upon us, it’s time to jump in to training. Netball manages to provide a substantial amount of injuries, particularly those involving the knees and ankles, due to its jolting nature, high speed bursts, sudden stopping and frequent changes of direction. Prepare yourself for the season by knowing […]

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05 Jun

Ankle sprains in netball

icon Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in netball players and can range in severity. Minor sprains may only take a week of rest and rehab, whereas more serious sprains can take much longer. The ankle accounts for 40% of netball injuries (Fong et al. 2007), due to the amount of jumping, […]

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14 Jun

How to Prevent Netball Injuries

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29 Jun

Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics – An Advanced Treatment option for Lower Limb Pain Here Matt Shanahan discusses the use and benefits of custom orthotics.     It’s next to impossible to come across a person with the perfect foot type, possessing flawless toe alignment, an ideal arch height and a seamless stride. The foot structure of any […]

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