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February 19, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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Remedial Massage and CrossFit

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Coast Sport are proud to sponsor the recent Crossfit Minerva Synergy 17 Competition!

Sports Physiotherapist Brett Doring and Massage Therapist Ali Redman went down and offered injury management and sports massage for those competing! It was great to see the competition in action!

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After helping out, Ali has put together this great blog on how Remedial Massage can help improve your Crossfit performance and improve your recovery! Check it out below!

CrossFit is a sport that requires high level performance and to completely benefit from training and achieve the best results in competitions it is important to reduce injury and recover rapidly. Regular massage treatment assists recovery of high intensity exercise and can help the body adapt to changes in training loads. Although your body does clear metabolic waste naturally with time and rest, massage can help accelerate the process meaning you can get back to training faster as well as providing nutrients and blood to damaged tissue.

When is a good time to get a massage?

• 45-60 minutes after a workout/competition and periods of recovery
• 3 days prior to competition to improve range of motion
• After competition to accelerate recovery

What else can you do post massage?

• Drink plenty of water after (and before) treatment to ↑ lymphatic drainage and blood flow
• Have a cold shower or swim within an hour post treatment to ↓ toxins from re-entering the muscles
• Yoga/pilates/stretching/foam rolling an 1 hour post treatment to ↓ toxin accumulation and ↑ mobility
• Get a good nights sleep to recharge both mentally and physically
• Epson salt bath the following evening, as magnesium assists in muscle control, electrical impulses, energy production and ↓ toxins.
Massage should be included in your recovery program, especially after big events. Massage therapy plays an important role in recovering and staying free of injury, especially after big events. Add a massage treatment into your recovery regime to assist in reaching your potential and achieving your CrossFit goals!
We have a range of allied health professionals here at Coast Sport to assist those who participate in CrossFit on the Central Coast, so call now on 02 4356 2588 or book online using the button below for your next appointment.